Eureka Casino Resort acquires Seabrook Greyhound Park

Seabrook Greyhound Park, a 75 acre property and 90,000 square foot facility. Now they have a new owner in the Shape of Eureka Casino Resort.

This Nevada Based Casino company, it is only one of the two employed casino companies in the Whole United States and they are trying to develop their entity into a premier New England entertainment destination for the purpose of gaming, amusements, food and beverages.

Eureka has already begin to make transformations and changes which needs to be undertaken across the whole of Seabrook Greyhound Park.

The First Full phase of development will be completed by August 2019 and in the construction of casino, poker room and betting area to be maintained customary operating hours.

Greg Lee, Chairman of Eureka Casino Resort said: “We are very much excited to bring the opportunity for employee ownership to this business. We would also like to bring our corporate culture and our different desires to meet the expectation of our guests and the communities which we serve, to New Hampshire.”

Eureka was able to earn a spot in the Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 medium Workplaces in America during the year 2018.

Andrie Carrier said: “It feels great to be at home. I love the land and location of the Seabrook partnership as well as the opportunity for business. We will be able to bring some new and exciting energy to race wagering. We are going to do a lot of good here and doing fun also.”

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