Toby Lewis declared winner of 2019 Aussies Million AU$50,000 challenge

Toby Lewis, Defending Aussie Millions Champion. He won the 2019 Aussie Millions AU$50,000 challenge for AU$818,054.

Lewis has to fight hard through entire long Day 2 so that he was able to claim the overnight chip lead before continuing his dominance on Day 3 and to clinch the victory over the record setting including of 62 entrant field.

In the last tournament, he was not able to taste victory as he finished at the Second Place in the AU$25,000 challenge. By winning the AU$50,000 challenge title, it was his second victory in last 12 months on the Australian Shores. He also Won the Main Event in 2018 Aussie Millions for AU$1,458,198.

With being victorious at the AU$50,000 challenge, his lifetime earnings has reached over $6.3 million and by reaching their he has passed Dave Ulliot on England’s All Time Money list to gain the sixth position overall.

He said: “I didn’t even intended to play on this tournament, as I was so tired after the AU$25,000 challenge. But it looked liked such an exciting tournament.”

Lewis Speaking about the field size, said:” Its easy to say that having the recreational players here helps, but the thing is they get started. They were present there from the starting, so it draw a lot more attention to the event.”

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