Nagoya mayor about making a decision on IR

The latest survey by the Kyodo news agency unveiled this vital piece of information. It is about the integrated resort (IR) in Japan. Only three places in Japan are ready to host integrated resorts which are the Wakayama, Osaka, and Nagasaki. The other locations are reported to be considering making an application and most of them do not have any particular interest. One of them which wanted to get an IR is Nagoya. It told that it is going to make a decision before this summer and is reflecting on whether to take a bid or not.

The mayor of the place has shared that his management is making arrangements to set up wide discussions regarding this matter with the resort operators and subject consultants. Kawamura requires that the IR should be located within half an hour journey from the city’s important railway station and the area it must cover should be 12.4 and 24.8 acres. These expectations were gathered by GGRAsia which revealed these details.

If Nagoya takes more time in making a decision it will become too late. The officials in Japan have made clear that they would begin checking the bids before summer and there were a lot of conversations which began a year ago between target cities and the casino operator. With the three popular cities that have already confirmed their positive plans, Nagoya may have a hard time competing with them. They have to have a better plan to look remarkable than the two.

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