Pay increase for the Macau employees by Melco

Melco announces a winter bonus for the Macau employees.  Melco is the only casino company which has announced this bonus which is equal to the one month salary of the employees.  The employees have also received good news as the company is planning to raise the income for non-management staffs. The bonus announced by Melco will be provided to employees at any time very soon.

In a press release for the employees who are eligible to claim this bonus there will be a 2.5-7.5 % increase in the salary.  This increase will be effective after 1st April 2019. This winter bonus was first announced by sands a China-based company for all the eligible employees.  After that Melco is a second company which is the 2nd best casino operators to announce a winter bonus for the employees.

The bonus has been calculated according to a certain scale. The employees who receive the amount 1618. 80 dollars including their basic pay and tips they are eligible to enjoy 2.5 % increase in their salary. For all the eligible employees who earn less than this amount in the overall salary, they will receive an increase of MOP600.

The company may have faced fluctuations in the profits during the previous years but the year 2019 will not be the same for the company in terms of profit. The operator of Melco has arranged to install forty fresh live dealer mass gaming tables in this year. It is expected that after two companies have announced their winter bonus there will be likely reports about other companies announcing their winter bonus. Some companies such as MGM China, Wynn Macau have already announced their bonus.

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