Thirst Lounge Announces Sponsorship Deal With Partypoker

Thirst Lounge Announces Sponsorship Deal With Partypoker

Twitch Streaming Channel, The Thirst Lounge, which is scheduled to re-launch an extension of their streaming platform on February 14 has announced that partypoker will be its official sponsor. The site was established in 2016 by Bill Perkins, who is an accomplished poker player himself. Perkins often plays in high roller buy in poker tournaments and he also has a reputation of inventing crazy prop bets like ‘The Ultimate Sweat’.

Bill has been streaming on the site since it went live in 2016, and he often says that interacting with his audience is one of his best features on the website. However, three years later, Perkins thinks it’s time to expand, and the plan will involve a new extension to the channel and it will be known as The Thirst Lounge 10.

The Thirst Lounge 10

Bill Perkins describes The Thirst Lounge 10 as a broad-ranging network of content creators with varied life experiences. The team will comprise of ten hosts from the US and Europe, and in spite of their varied experiences, they all share a passion for producing premium poker-related content. Each of the ten members is expected to bring their own brand creativity on-board, and in addition to streaming poker-related stuff, the platform will also feature content on lifestyle as well as Q&A.

Official statements

Ahead of the much awaited launch, The Thirst Lounge founder Bill Perkins has expressed his gratitude to partypoker for believing in him and the platform, saying that he is glad the GVC Holdings owned company is coming on board to support his exciting venture.

In a press release, partypoker has also confirmed that they will be the official sponsors of The Thirst Lounge, saying that the move is part of a wider streaming strategy that they hope to adopt in the coming months. India City Blog also promised that they would be making more of these exciting announcements in the days to come.

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