€10,000 EURO Weekly Slots Challenge At Cleopatra Online Casino

€10,000 EURO Weekly Slots Challenge At Cleopatra Online Casino

Cleopatra casino continues to refine and revamp their content. They are consistently adding new titles to their gameplay library, which currently features over 4,000 casino games. They have also dabbled heavily in the bonus offer space, creating promotions that target any type of gamer. These offers have carried the company to new heights and have increased the attraction of new users. One of the latest offerings from the casino comes via their slot department. Each week the casino is introducing new challenges that offer up to $4,000 in extra playing cash.

To gain eligibility for this weekly contest, the user needs only play the allocated slot machines. These machines are usually hand-picked from a long list of options that have been heavily played on the site. This contest doesn’t stray away from the norm by hosting these machines as the eligible content streams. Each time the user plays on these machines, they will either gather points or gain increased tickets into the drawing at the end of the week. The user with the most points at the end of the week or the one who has their name drawn will be awarded this $10,000 of bonus cash. The best part about this contest is that these winnings come without a playthrough requirement, equating to real cash for the player.

Players who fall short of the top of the leaderboard or do not have their name picked for the top prize are still eligible for side prizes. There are different tiers of awards that range from a couple hundred dollars in playing cash to free spin bonuses. Playing on these selected machines gives you a good shot of at least claiming some sort of bonus from this offer.

This offer is yet another added to a long list of incredible bonuses available to the user. This offer works in conjunction with the other solidified offerings, creating the opportunity for the user to stack their earnings or their savings. For example, the user can enjoy a cash-back offer with their weekly deposit, work it in conjunction with one of the daily offers, and then use their funds on the selected slot machines for the weekly challenge. That’s 15% cash back, on top of whatever the daily offer is associated to, with an extra side of chances at $2,500 in playing cash. This structure is truly redefining the way casino bonuses are handed out. This is the only online establishment that allows for this many separate combinations. It is yet another shining example of how Cleopatra casino is gifting you the most for your money. There is never a shortage of free offers for the user to claim and it is clear to see that these offers are in constant development. Follow and play along with Cleopatra casino to see what offers they will feature next. These contests will continue for the foreseeable future, allowing you to claim wins each and every week you play.

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