Stephen Chidwick Wins Event No 1 At US Poker Open

Stephen Chidwick Wins Event No 1 At US Poker Open

Stephen Chidwick beats Sean Winter by beginning the defense of his 2018 US Poker Open crown by winning Event #1:$10,000 No-Limit Hold`em for $216,000

After Trickett won $10million for his runner-up in the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) more and more money has started to flow into that part of the game and the overall narrative has changed as well.

Top pros and amateurs alike got an outlet to compete in the highest stakes game in the world by Poker Central and ARIA. Stephen Chidwick was one of the men who benefitted majorly from this.

Chidwick rose to the top of the GPI (Global Poker Index) #1 charts winning $10.1 million in 2018. He also got his first major title, the Poker Central US Poker Open.

The Event #1: 10,000 No-Limit Hold`em attracted 90-entrants and Chidwick beat the outstanding Sean Winter and took the first prize.

Chidwick became a real candidate after flopping the nuts on 8h7c6c versus the Ad9d of Lazaro Hernandez. The money went in the middle and Chidwick hit the top of the chip counts, Hernandez had eight big blinds.

Joseph Capello doubled through Chidwick, after Sean Winter doubled through Cidwick twice and Cheong once. Cappello moved all-in holding A2, and Chidwick called and won with A4.

Winter and Cheong took chunks out of Chidwick and then with blinds at 75k/150k/150k the Englishman opened to 350,000 on the button. Cheong then rapidly moved all-in for 3.25 million, and the call came. Cheong showed A2hh, and Chidwick defeated him with AK to take a 7.4m v 3.7m chip lead into heads-up versus Winter.

Winter raised to 650,000 holding pocket eights and Chidwick went with 75dd. The flop rained down Ks9s6c to give Chidwick a gutshot, and he went looking for it after calling a 650,000 Winter bet. Winter then bet 900,000 with his set and Chidwick moved all-in with his straight, and the final call came. Winter needed to pair the board but was unsuccessful.

Chidwick won his 15th career title.

Final Table Results:
1. Stephen Chidwick – $216,000
2. Sean Winter – $157,500
3. Joseph Cheong – $112,500
4. Joseph Cappello – $90,000
5. Lazaro Hernandez – $72,000
6. Joseph Orsino – $54,000

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