Warning Letters Dispatched And Transactions Blocked For Six Malta-based Companies

Warning Letters Dispatched And Transactions Blocked For Six Malta-based Companies

The Times of Malta reported that Norway has accused online gambling operators of illegal targeting of Norwegian players. Because of this accusation, Norway suspended transactions with six licensed online gambling operators.

Current law of Norway allows only two state-run companies that offer gambling services. The entity for sports betting and casino games is Norsk Tipping while for race betting services they allow Norsk Riksoto.

Nonetheless, some unregulated websites owned by companies that are in other states and hold license of that jurisdictions are immensely famous among local gamblers. For so many years Norwegian lawmakers have been trying to get rid of these unlicensed co-operations, but their efforts have gone all in vain.

According to The Times of Malta, all the accounts used for gambling-related transactions will be blocked as ordered by Norwegian Gaming Authority.

In last November, warning letters were sent to 4 gambling companies of Malta and in this month to two gambling companies, to prevent targeting of Norwegian players. These include, Betsson Group, Co-Gaming Ltd, L&L Europe Players Ltd, Gaming Innovation Group, Kindred Group and Lucky Dino Gaming Ltd.

Aforementioned companies were found marketing their operations and provided services to Norwegian customers without permission. The spokesperson stated that the Companies and the Malta Gaming Authority both were sent warning letters for providing license to all these six companies for providing online gambling services.

Companies Form Lobbying Association

A Norwegian Industry Association for Online Gambling was formed by four above-mentioned operations. This teaming aimed to re-organize and liberate Norwegian market so that international companies can get the chance to operate in a regulated environment by getting license.

The reason of giving preference to this monopoly system by Norwegian government is the protection provided to gambling customers by it.
The four founding members issued a report showing that licensing system will add value for gamblers by providing best tools and practices to treat gambling problems in order to change the orders of lawmakers. They also declared these restrictions as unfair restrictions of trade.

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