Bet365 Gives Losers Cash To Keep Them Betting

Bet365 Gives Losers Cash To Keep Them Betting

The biggest online betting firm of Britain now gives cash rebates to losers to keep them addicted to gambling. Players who get huge loses at Bet365 are now rewarded with weekly cash returns of up to 10% so that they keep playing.

This scheme exploits customers and keeps them locked in the cycle of betting.

Bet365 worker gave an example: ‘If they’ve lost, say, £15,000 in that week, then we’ll give them a weekly rebate, normally on a Tuesday, and we’ll give them maybe 10% of that back.’

Duncan smith, the vice-chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on gambling said: ‘Make no mistake – giving gamblers money to keep losing will turn them into addicts as sure as night follows day.’

Bet365 players were told certain facts including:

  • High-spending players enjoy weekly rebates on their losses as part of a strategy to ‘reward loyalty’
  • Customers who hit a ‘net loss threshold’ can be turned into VIPs and given ‘incentives’.
  • Once they become VIPs, they are assigned dedicated advisors who treat them like royalty.
  • Junior staff are free to hand out £50 cash bonuses and free casino spins to any player who rings the Bet365 customer service line.

However, the practice of offering rebates causes the greatest concern. Employees are trained in an array of schemes which Bet365 can use to ‘reward loyalty’.

Bet365 claims to take specific action to identify, monitor and assist customers who may be at the risk of experiencing any kind of harm due to gambling.

Their trainer told the employees, “‘We have something called a rebate … that’s basically, if you’ve lost this much, we’re gonna give you a percentage of it back so you can continue to play.”

Employees are given examples of a string of other offers such as ‘bingo booster’ nights and chances to ‘double your winnings’.

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