New President For Casino Architects Steelman Partners

New President For Casino Architects Steelman Partners

Recently the casino design specialists Steelman Partners LLP made a decision of nominating the company’s next president after the current president’s resignation in December. The nominee Mr. Anderson is a highly professional and dedicated director of Steel man Architecture Asia and has been serving as senior partner in Dalton Steel man Arias and Anderson Interiors.

Something More about Mr. Anderson

Besides being a project designer, Mr. Anderson is a highly educated person with a graduate degree from Phoenix Institute USA and has an experience of more than 38 years. He is one of the best interior and architect designer with an extensive experience of 27 years working as a project designer. Atlandia Design is a place where Anderson gave his services as a designer for 8 years. Selecting him as the next president of Steelman Partners would certainly be a good decision.

Steelman Partner has spent much of their business career in hospitality, resort and gaming industry and has been considered as an icon in the gaming industry. Sand Corp USA is the parent company of Macao casino operator Sands Corp. Steelman owns the property of Sands Macao. Besides this it is also the second phase of Galaxy Macau which is Flagship property of Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd.

The combined partnership proceeded further while working unitedly in designing Naga World and Naga 2 in their capital. There is lot of more work which has been performed as a joint venture of both partners and had seen great success like Grand Ho Tram Strip in Vietnam. Some more joint ventures of these partners are ; Imperial Pacific Resort, Saipan Hotel, U.S. Pacific / Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Island.

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