Police Probe Suspected Murder At Macao Sands Casino Resort

Police Probe Suspected Murder At Macao Sands Casino Resort

According to Hong Kong police they have been investigating a murder case that occurred in the five-star casino of Macao where a Chinese was found dead last Monday.
Since Portugal has relinquished control over the Chinese territory, crime had almost been eliminated from the territory and the criminal act of murder has been taken much seriously by not only general public but by the governance as well.

As elaborated by the crime reporters, the murder was convicted in Sands China’s Macao hotel where 41 years old victim was a gambler who belonged to mainland but no one got access to further details.

The particular company came under the control of U.S. based multibillionaire Sheldon Adelson. Macao is the one and only place across the country where gambling is considered legal but after this murder incident Casino revenues started declining a lot in the month of January.

According to the report, any such kind of crime incidents in Macao are a result of its junket operators who are the middle man involved in bringing big shots from all around China to this gambling hub. But the strict rule and regulations imposed by the government and slower prosperity pace has made the small scale junket companies to stay away from this business. Professional criminal gangs have been reported to be involved in majority of crimes practiced in Macao like money laundering, murder, threats and prostitution. We can say that these gangs are the culprits that are responsible for spoiling the peaceful environment of Macao.

Though the suspects behind this murder have not yet been arrested but police is trying to investigate the case at their best. According to the news agencies, the murder might have took place as a result of some conflict over gambling money but no clear clue has been found till now and investigation reports are also not revealed by the police due to unknown reasons.

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