The Legislative Trends Of Gambling In Slovakia And Its Upcoming Changes In 2019

The Legislative Trends Of Gambling In Slovakia And Its Upcoming Changes In 2019

Speaking about gaming – right from its roots in Slovakia

Slovakia has undergone a brief legislative history concerning many rules and regulations to ban the modernized trend of gambling for a number of decades. In 1992, like technology, the ways of playing games has been also revolutionized which in turn has covered the illegal things with a sugar-coated law. Thus, granting permissibility for gambling at iGaming platforms.

However, with the passage of time, these sites have gained immense popularity especially the online poker sites. Owing to this iGaming (poker) many of us have changed their fate by becoming millionaires if not billionaires, who forget about Jan Bendik with a worth of over $3.4 million.

Unfortunately, closing eyes doesn’t mean that it is the night. Same way, Slovakia’s government in 2017 has blacklisted many of the iGaming brands along with imposing a fine of an amount €500,000 for any further breach.

The Turn-Around

Slovakia’s parliament has legislated a gambling act that has changed the whole trendy scenario of gambling. This act was drafted by the Ministry of Finance by stating that the off-shore casinos will only be left operating if they buy a license of worth €3 million for a period of ten years. However, if one applies for both the casino and betting license then the amount will be decreased to €5 million.

Expectedly, this new legislated act will commence from March 1, 2019, while some of its provisions will be effective from June 1, 2019. Therefore, online sites keep you update by providing all the latest news about gambling and upcoming regulations. Additionally, the off-shore sites still have to hold their breath till 1st of March and July to start working.

Digging deep into your destiny-future of Gambling

The strict online casino laws throughout Europe are of prime value for empowering a new world of online gaming. Talking about the strict online gambling laws, then who forget about Denmark and Romania, as both of these have garnered a huge amount for their country after the commencement of Gambling actin 2014. Well, we wish the same for Slovakia.

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