Dutch Senators Ready To Vote On Online Gambling

Dutch Senators Ready To Vote On Online Gambling

There has been a surge of interest from hundreds of companies as Dutch senators will vote in whether to allow online gambling within the Netherlands, on Tuesday.

This vote was originally supposed to take place in the previous week however, the Netherlands’ Senate chose to defer it.

The lower house voted favorably for allowing third parties to legally offer online gambling, in 2017.
The Netherlands’ only state regulated gambling establishment at the moment is Holland Casino.

According to various reports, 50 companies have been expected to apply for a license after Tuesday’s vote.

Companies will have to pay 29% tax, once online gambling is allowed. This is one of the highest rates in Europe.

There will be a keen focus on responsible gaming under the potential new law. Motivaction, the market researcher, asked around 15,000 adults last month if they ever illegally gambled online. This survey revealed a 20% increase in the last two years alone.

Holland Casino had conducted this survey and a loss of US $198.2 million in tax revenue is estimated, due to illegal gambling within Holland.

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