Duterte Still Imposing A Casino Ban In Philippines

Duterte Still Imposing A Casino Ban In Philippines

Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine president, has to announce policy changes on a declared January 2018 moratorium. This was announced on new casinos in the country. Salvador S. Panelo, Monday president spokesperson, made this announcement as quoted by local newspaper Business World.

Mr. Panelo said during a press briefing, “Until such time as he makes a formal statement on the matter, I think whatever his former position was, subsists.”

Ms. Andrea Domigo, the head of the nation’s gaming regulator, argued while giving an interview to Bloomberg News that the casino moratorium should be partially lifted so the Philippines can benefit from a “sunrise” industry.
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Ms Domingo added that she hoped to get a meeting with President Duterte to discuss the matter.

“What I know is [Ms Domingo] wants a meeting,” Mr Panelo told reporters, “But I have not heard of any such meeting. I have no info.”

After news of the moratorium emerged, some weeks after it was imposed in the previous year, many new market schemes were announced. Pagcor then eventually gave clarity on the issue and said that the moratorium was linked to any schemes that had not already been given approval at the time of the ban.

The exact time period for the moratorium is unclear.

A gross gaming revenue of PHP 187.54 billion was announced by the Philippines casino industry, in 2018. This was a 22.9% increase from the previous year.

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