Upcoming Attraction For The Gaming World In Cyprus

Upcoming Attraction For The Gaming World In Cyprus

A US based casino firm has formulated their strategies to inaugurate two new casino resorts in Philippine that are expected to be one of the hugest investment plan by this company.

Casino Allocation

According to recent news, Brazilian democrat, Paulo Azi has passed a bill regarding possession of 32 casinos with in the region. If this bill will be passed in the near future, the license rights will be handed over through a public bidding process. It has also been reported that at a place with more than 15 million population will be given a permission to open more than one casino. Only Sao Paolo will get the opportunity of opening three casino in their area because of its population above 45 million. The report further says that Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia will be eligible to open two casinos while rest of the states will be having only one casino.

$1 Billion

With the announcement of opening casinos in the Southeast Asia, the region is expecting huge investment opportunities and this golden opportunity will be provided through PH Resorts Group Holdings and Udenna Group which is owned by Chinese- Filipino businessman Dennis Uy who has invested $1 billion in casino inauguration. It has also been decided that the company will sell their shares and invest the earning in establishing the Emerald Resort and a casino in Cebu.

MGM Resorts International has planned to uplift its investment in domestic resorts by $300 million. The company executives have planned to focus on their strategic priorities to elevate their performance by reducing costs and upraising their standards. Introduction of latest technology in the creation of resorts will be the main focus to attain future goals.

The European Casino Association is going to work on the City of Dreams Mediterranean, the first ever casino resort of its kind in Cyprus. The membership requirements are supposed to be kept very limited and will be passed to those who can obey the code of company’s conduct. 2021 will be the year of grand opening of this great casino and huge income is expected to be earned through this resort and from tourism in Cyprus. Also the chances of employment will raise to its peak.

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