Local Resort Input Needed By Macau World Centre

Local Resort Input Needed By Macau World Centre

According to a Macau based expert in the tourism sector, Macau’s’ development as a “world tourism and leisure centre” can be assisted by “greater equitable engagement with Macau residents and the integrated resort industry.”

His statement referred to the outline plan that had been released with regards to Macau’s first Five-Year Development Plan.

The city announced that it had collected approximately MOP106.78 billion in direct taxes only on gaming in Macau in 2018. This was a 13.6% increase from the previous year.

Mr McCartney, associate professor in international integrated resort management at the University of Macau, noted,“I have often said we [in Macau] have no clear city branding strategy and a consensus/buy-in from public/private sector” on how to position the marketing of the city “strongly and distinctively”.

He further added: “For example the integrated resorts do their celebrity events/entertainment and product development, and the [Macau] government – from the tourism, sport and culture departments – does its events.”

The Focus on China

Macau currently relies mostly on mainland China itself for tourism.

In 2018 the total number of visitors to Macau were above 35.80 million. From this, more than 25.26 million visitors came from mainland China.

To make Macau a tourism centre it would be beneficial to have a greater public consultation on tourism development with the inhabitants of the city.

The Greater Bay Area initiative covers 9 cities in Guangdong as two SARs. According to Mr. McCartney, the outline plan is very thorough.

Grant Govertsen, an analyst at Union Gaming Securities Asia Ltd, claimed that the Greater Bay Area plan was very clear evidence signifying that the Chinese central government’s desire to see Macau succeed.

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