Credit Card Gambling Forces Gambling Commission To Seek Help

Credit Card Gambling Forces Gambling Commission To Seek Help

The Gambling Commission will be requesting information from gambling operators and financial institutions on credit card gambling in Great Britain.

The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board advised the Commission on online gambling, in 2018. In addition to engagement and data requests, the Commission is inviting stakeholders to provide information on gambling via credit cards.

The Commission has requested operators to also provide evidence regarding the prevention measures which could aid in prohibiting gambling with cards.

A full roll out of card-blocking activities has been mentioned for the consumer. Various kinds of limits will be imposed till operators have authenticated player information as potential options.

Within the RGSB’s findings, the risks involved with various options available to players who wanted to gamble with credit were reported. The report also verified that operators were not always aware that players were using credit cards to gamble.

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