Washington D.C Is Just A Step Away From Legalizing Sports Gambling

Washington D.C Is Just A Step Away From Legalizing Sports Gambling

Washington DC is on the verge of legalizing sports gambling as revealed by last month’s news reports. Just lasts steps of this legalization are in process which too were delayed initially due to a slight technical glitch. This too had been dealt with and now all the formal procedures are done, and the game is ready to be launched. But slight last-minute alterations allow the placing of bets before even the NFL season is started.

Law making bodies had to clear out the misunderstandings that the lottery operator of the district is getting unnecessarily great benefits from it. Players, bleachers and the people on the sidelines were outraged and criticized the process of not seeking the public input or bidding process. Legislation passed just this Tuesday by the D.C. Council that declares intralot the exclusive provider of mobile gambling.

David Grosso, one of the council members give views against its legalization building upon the point that there will possibly be some consequences due to awarding of contract. The bill was proposed by The City Council as an “emergency” that allowed Intralot to get the rights individually. Grosso said that this measure was simply a giveaway for Intralot.

The two states that border D.C. Virginia and Maryland, are striving to for the betterment of their own gambling tricks. Regarding the discussions of passing it through bidding process D.C. proposes that it could cause a delay in legalization of sports gambling due to which it will render a great loss of income.

D.C is going downhill and haven’t scored up till now. The approval from Muriel Bowser is still pending but this won’t be causing any trouble and now it’s Congress’s game to end. Congress is unlikely to step opposite to the plans of D.C. City Council and district’s mayor. It is Upto D.C. to play smart and take lead on its neighbors by legalizing it before they do.

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