Will Indian Government Really Legalize Online Gambling?

Will Indian Government Really Legalize Online Gambling

There are buzzes roaming all around that the Government of India is planning to legalize online gambling in the country. Only a few jurisdictions allow the pursuing of online gambling in India, but it is strictly banned in overall country. Nevertheless, there have been disjointed discussions on legalization of online gambling lately. In addition, few companies are ready to offer their services proximately while effectively using the grey area in the legality of online gambling.

Looking into the origin of these buzzes it was found that the originated from the report issued by Law Commission of India (LCI) that itself is a very long report consisting of 150 pages. According to this report, it suggests that online gambling can be legalized but there can be limitations to the extent to which its legalization should be employed. The reason for this proposal lied in the fact that practically government cannot ensure the imposing a ban by restricting the access of people to these online gaming sites.

The report by LCI also points towards the benefit that the government can get from its regulation. There can be huge amounts of revenue generated from this regulation. As a result, government of India have shown interests towards its legalization. In addition, the government has stated that it is keeping the report of LCI in consideration in this matter.

Despite of all the rumors buzzing around there is an equal probability of them to be untrue in the near future. It is because the tenure of the present government is nearing its completion. In March 2019, general elections of India will be taking place. At this instant when the government of India is ending its tenure, it will not take any controversial step that could risk its chance of running up for elections for the second time.

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