The Growth Of Online Gambling Market In Portugal

The Growth Of Online Gambling Market In Portugal

In 2018, Football and slots are driving the growth and revenue of online gambling market in Portugal. Serviço de Regulação Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ) show released the figures showing a growth of 24% enhancement of revenue in online gambling market of Portugal. There was a revenue of €152.1 million generated by the legalized online sports and gaming betting services.

It’s been two years since Portugal legalized online gambling operations leading to re-organizing its local market by issuing license to interested local and international market. To liberalize the Portugal’s market SRIJ issued its first license in spring 2016 even though the legalization law had been passed in 2015.

Including poker 8 licenses for online casino games while 7 for online sports betting services had been awarded by online gambling regulator on 31st December 2018. 16th license was issued to 888 Holdings, an online gambling group, by SRIJ. 888 has been the second authorized operator to go live in the local market with poker services.

A total revenue of €78.9 million and increased revenue of €391.8 million due to overall wagers was generated from the practice according to the annual and fourth-quarter report of SRIJ.

There was the highest revenue of regulated betting market of Portugal during the last four months than the rest of the year. There was a betting turnover of €110.6 million and a total revenue of €21.6 million during the last three months. Football betting accounted for 78% of the total betting in Portugal.

Growth Of Online Casino Sector

Casino sector in Portugal also showed tremendous success in 2018 increasing the revenue of €54.4 million in 2017 to €73.2 million in 2018. It was raised to €21.5 million raising the stakes to €576.4 million during last three months of 2018.

Online slot games constituted 61.6% of all stakes making it a substantial digital segment. Then came Roulette consisting 14%, cash game poker 10.6%, blackjack 8.5% and tournament poker 5.3% shares of the total market.

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