Nevada To Meet The Public Interest For Esports Gambling

Nevada To Meet The Public Interest For Esports Gambling

According to Nevada Lead regulator, the talent based slot machines and gambling on esports may have made a worldwide headline in the previous year but the gaming industry is now adopting new ways to play to make a mark in the industry.

Sandra Morgan, Chairwomen of Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) spoke at the UNLV gaming and sports series openly said there is more work required to be done industry wide. She further said that since 2017, two years back NGCB has only received four requests to process bets on esports. He further added that it is expected to build momentum in Nevada. The gaming companies have been getting licenses yet. Only three skill-based gaming companies have got the license yet and the fourth one is getting approval.

Sandra Morgan said that “On the casino floor, the skill-based slot machines have not gained significant popularity. In contrast to this, the skill-based gaming seems to have more public interest but they are not demanding to have wagered on the esports events.

The board has now interested in the increase of waging style in the gaming industry. As the esports progress and failure organizations are being emerged, due to which the expectations of the board are being higher in the style of esports gambling.

In another place, Morgan had warned those who are hoping to gamble with the mining server, Bitcoin. She further said that the regulators could face problem in undertaking with the cryptocurrencies due to the laws being made for anti-laundering and taxation controversy.

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