WA Hospitality Stepping In To Make Sihanoukville The Most Exotic Tourist Destination

WA Hospitality Stepping In To Make Sihanoukville The Most Exotic Tourist Destination

Cambodia is seen as the most enchanting tourist destination recently. From across the globe this destination is intriguing people for its harmonious environment, rich history, magnificent culture and perfect climate. Adding to its fame, there were two seasons of Survivor, a CBS hit show, were shot at the beautiful islands of Cambodia.

There is nothing that one can’t see in Cambodia ranging from exotic environment to the casino and resort industries showing exponential growth. A plus point is that the hospitality and accommodation services provided here are way more inexpensive then the other tourist destinations of common places like Las Vegas, Macau or Monaco.

Southwest region of Cambodia is the new spot of many exotic resorts and hotels, but the Won Majestic Casino Hotel & Resort in Sihanoukville excels them all. There are fair chances of opening a grand hotel consisting of 150 rooms, five F&B outlets, rooftop pools a fully equipped gymnasium that leave behind the beauty of the beach.

WA Hospitality of Malaysia has signed an agreement of its management after its opened in 2021. This news had added to its glory making it the most remarkable tourist destination. This news came up this Monday and making it the first contract signed by hospitality company operating overseas.

Last year Cambodia issued a rise of 53% in issuing new licenses to launch more casino resorts making it a real player in the gaming world.
Most of the licenses were issued to casinos in Sihanoukville as there are many elites of French rule residing in that area. There are many other entertainment spots including hotels, resorts and shops.

Now, the government of Cambodia is finding ways to create it the best tourist destination that no will want to miss. Neighboring countries will also consider it the best entertainment and vacation destination due to increased adult entertainment. Survivor made a profit of 40% in entertainment industry four years ago due to this beautiful destination. Due to premier management companies coming to play this will become the most sought out place throughout the world.

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