Japan Investor Partnership With Diamond Fortune

Japan Investor Partnership With Diamond Fortune

In the latest press release, it was announced by the local authorities in Primorsky Krai, that Japan-based Co Ltd has joined hand in hand with Diamond Fortune. After its partnership, for the further plan Diamond Fortune has decided to do the investment of around US$270 million due to which the scheme has now become to be known as “Imperial” which was previously known as “Selena”.

What Is Primorye?

it is a development area of the casino located at Pacific port city of Russia Vladivostok. It is being promoted by PDC under the department of tourism of the Primorsky provincial government. Chairmen of Diamond Fortune said clearly in a statement of a release that “We have worked to adjust the task for the hotel and enjoyment by making it even more modern by keeping in view the raising needs of Russia and other foreigners”. He said furthermore that as the Russian Government has a limitation to allow visa to our close neighbors like China, Korea, and Hong kong, so we have decided to receive 340,000 guests in a year.

In accordance with the release that has issued, we get to know that Japan has engaged itself in many home-based projects. The Japanese company has already gained experience in investing in Russia according to the given document.

According to the article, Chief executive of Diamond Fortune said that the imperial series will include a hotel and casino in addition to 50 gaming benches and 300 slot machines. For which it is expected to have construction for 18 months and the first phase to be opened in September 2020. In the second phase, the hotel tower of another hotel will be made which will include 300 rooms with accordance with the market conditions said by Mr. Gibbons. In reply to this, the CEO of GGRAsia said all the goals are already scheduled and it will remain the same.

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