UK Labour Going To Perilous Limits To Impose Restrictions On Gambling

UK Labour Going To Perilous Limits To Impose Restrictions On Gambling

Chances are that there will be a lot stricter online gambling regulatory environment of UK gambling. Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labor party, will impose more laws on online casinos and bookmakers.

According to the Guardian’s report on 28th February, Watson deem the present laws insufficient and they lead to problematic gambling. These were imposed by Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Labor party, by Gambling Act of 2005 which according to him are “unfit for the digital age.”

According to his proposition, there should be a constraint on the maximum number of bets made online closer to physical fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).

He aims to take actions to prevent the players from betting on the money they don’t possess. Similar regulations were proposed by the consecutive government by banning the use of credit cards.

Even though both parties proposed similar plans yet there was opposition in the bill. The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) contradicts with a proposition that it will move their betters to less regulated international websites.

They quoted

“The online environment has the huge advantage of providing a complete overview of player spending patterns and behaviors, using this information can prove to be a more effective and more sophisticated way to tackle problem gambling and thereby avoid arbitrary limits that risk driving customers to the unregulated and illegal gambling market.”

The RGA Had a valid argument that such a plan is not feasible in all conditions and can hold a significance in certain situations but might not work in the others.

These restrictions on gambling in UK are pushed to treacherous extent. The limits on their betting will make them go towards less regulated sites. The RGA has a valid point as UK has become unnecessarily strict that will only worsen the situation rather than making it better.

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