Sheldon Adelson Casino Giant Is Being Treated For Cancer

Sheldon Adelson Casino Giant Is Being Treated For Cancer

Sheldon Adelson, the Casino titan is undergoing through the process of Cancer treatment. The Nevada Independent on this Thursday highlighted the saying of Sand lawyer that Adelson is in crucial health condition. Due to his illness, he was not able to make himself present in the Q4 earnings call on the 23rd of January. And On Monday the lawyer of Sands president Rob Goldstein informed the court of Adelson for physically not being present at the report of events. On this, Sands spokesperson named Ron Reese said that Adelson is still suffering from some side effects of cancer and his treatment has restricted himself from regular office hours. But in spite of this Adelson is still making himself capable of fulfilling his duties as CEO and Chairperson of Sands.

Sands lawyers are appealing from court to give Adelson freed from responsibilities for another ousting in Suen’s case. At this, the Suen’s lawyers said that if Adelson was at this dire stage then they should have inform US Securities and Exchange Commission. In case if he dies, it will be a material adverse effect on the business as Adelson holds a 56% stake in Sands. Moreover, Adelson’s team is keen to keep their client out of a difficult situation by using his medical conditions, claimed by Suen’s attorneys.

Adelson has not taken court proceedings so obediently. He has always been unable to reason his cooperation. He is 85 years old now and the attorneys said that it will be fun to see whether the US Department of justice in its new opinion. This will result in a political conclusion to Adelson. There is also a claim that he has contributed millions of dollars for the republications of election campaigns.

The major contemplation is: Will the push to ban online gambling die with Adelson?

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