888 Enlarges Portfolio With A New Bright Acquisition: Betbrights Sports Betting Platform

888 Enlarges Portfolio With A New Bright Acquisition: Betbrights Sports Betting Platform

888 is known as the biggest solution provider to the board announced about its agreement of buying Betbright’s sports betting platform just because it wanted to have scalable and accurate sportsbook along with trading capable abilities to support the 888 Sports brand on a very long term development basis. The unification of BetBright’s sportsbook will give 888 ownership over its development of technology and product enhancement across Casino, Sports, Poker and Bingo which are the online well-known verticals. The Board firmly believe that it will lead to long term prospects with different scale and unique expertise.

888 has been known as the forefront at the online gaming market since 1997 providing every time the players with some innovative tricks and experience. Chief Executive of 888 has said that the acquisition of this sportsbook is a great milestone for 888. It will give the group the missing piece in our possession products and will make 888 to own it across the four major online gaming verticals.

With time, 888 will be the most established online sports betting destination all over the world. We believe that this is the right time to take the ownership of our full sports betting suggestion for which we are confident that it will be the major discrimination in today’s and long term growing global sports betting market.

If we talk about BetBright, then it’s the most scalable and high-quality provider platform. The colleagues joining from BetBright are strengthening the 888 sports betting industry and we are delighted to have them all.

This is the third acquisition that the group has made and changed the groups’ commitment into a strategy that states that to be a leader globally in the online gaming market at related markets by growing organically, supported by M&A.

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