Nevada Chairman Elected On Gambling Problem

Nevada Chairman Elected On Gambling Problem

MGM Resorts International is an S&P 500 entertainment company which is working globally featuring best-in-class hotels and casinos. Its portfolio encompasses 29 unique hotels expanding throughout the US and all over the world. Whereas the Nevada Council on gambling problem is a nonprofit organization founded in 1984 whose main goal is to create awareness and educate people. It also provides information to the Gambler Helpline working with all community partners to raise awareness among people about the problem gambling. It doesn’t take any action against or in favor of the gambling problems.

MGM Resort elected Alan Feldman as the chairmen of Nevada State under the Health Department and Human Services. He will be responsible for assisting the problem gambling. Feldman said that it’s an honor and privilege to be part of this. He said that it’s a pride for him to serve the states gaming industry which has the same aims for treatment, education, and entertainment which is very helpful across the state.

In addition to this Feldman also has served as a chairman of the board and has also been in the advisory board of Nevada counsel. He was appointed by the Nevada Governor in 2017. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences, universities and other event being responsible as a speaker in gambling. Through this, it has majorly received its national recognition. A new open book is happening in this period of time due to the tireless effort. Across all the MGM resorts, casino and sports book employees have participated in the training to have a positive conversation.

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