The Impacts of AFC Asian Cup On China Lottery Sales In January

The Impacts of AFC Asian Cup On China Lottery Sales In January

According to the latest data released by China’s Ministry of Finance, lottery sales had an enormous escalation in the month of January. As a result of that, China’s total sales from official lottery products reached CNY47.96 billion, a 25.1 percent increase.

The officials explained that due to the quadrennial football tournament AFC Asian Cup that was held during that month, sports lottery sales went to CNY26.74 billion, which means an increase of 40.8 percent. The sports lottery sales represented 56 percent of China’s January lottery product sales.

Additionally, there was an increase of 9.7 percent in the sales of welfare lottery tickets in January as compared to the last year. The welfare lottery sales reached approximately CNY21.22 billion.

Four of the thirty-one provinces and cities of mainland China reported a 10 percent decline in sales of lottery tickets. These places include Hunan, Guangxi, Hainan and Tibet. Apart from these four places, all the provinces and cities authorized to sell lottery tickets reported to have observed an upsurge in sales.

According to the data released by ministry, total sales of lottery products in Sichuan province went up by 75.1 percent in contrast with last year. The sales were reported to be CNY2.14 billion in the start of 2019, thereby making it the biggest increase in the January sales of official lottery products.

In addition to that, Guangdong exhibited a sales of CNY4.43 billion, preserving to be mainland China’s biggest single province market for lottery products. It observed an increase of 16.4 percent in ticket sales, compared to the last year sales. Guangdong preceded Jiangsu province which showed an increase of 27.7 percent in sales, with its sales reaching CNY4.04 billion.

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