Diminution Experienced By Gaming Billionaires In Their Fortunes Revealed On The Forbes List 2019

Diminution Experienced By Gaming Billionaires In Their Fortunes Revealed On The Forbes List 2019

The wealth ranking list on the Tuesday Forbes magazine release reveals that there is a drop-off in the value of quite a number of casino moguls from Asian countries. This is seen when the most recent count on billionaires around the globe reduces from 2,208 to 2,153 in a period of one year.

Sheldon Adelson (owner and CEO of Sands Corp in Las Vegas in the US) is still the wealthiest when put together with gaming billionaires worldwide. This is after he has fallen three spots down in the general range making him the 24th billionaire on the Forbes’s list in 2019 with a net worth of circa US$3.4 billion.

Lui Che Woo takes the second spot yet again among the top-ranked gaming billionaires with approximately US$14.6 billion from US$20.1 billion in the previous year. On Forbes list, Mr. Lui falls back with 32 positions from the 50th position in the last year.

The third richest gaming billionaire position is taken by Johann Graf who is the founder and owner of the Novomatic Group in Australia with a worth of US$8.1 billion. Mr. Graf takes the 181st position from 186th last year.

Pansy Ho Chiu King and Lawrence Ho Yau Lung, both members of the Ho gaming dynasty experienced wealth shrinkage as seen on the 2019 list. Ms. Pansy’s worth is estimated at $4.6B from last year’s $5.3B. Mr. Lawrence on the other hand has $2.3B from the $2.5B in the last year’s ranking.

Angela Leong On Kei, the director of SJM Holding Ltd is at 478th position from 606th last year and her worth is estimated at US$4.1 billion from last year’s US$3.7B.

Gaming Investors Worldwide

Chen Lip Keong CEO and founder of NagaCorp Ltd has an estimated worth of US$5B from US$3.3B last year. Keong is a businessman from Malaysia who takes the 355th ranking from the previous 703rd in 2018.

Lim Kok Thay of the gaming group Genting Bhd was at the 436th position with an estimated worth of US$4.4B from US$4.7B last year.

James Packer of Crown Resorts Ltd is at 597th position on the Forbes’s list with US$3.6B from US$4.1B last year.

Steve Wynn worth drops from US$3.4B to US$3B this year.

Kazuo Okada, Japanese casino and Pachinko tycoon has a reduced worth of $2B from US$3B the previous year.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com Inc. takes the lead in the 2019 Forbes’s list with US$131B who is followed closely by the Microsoft Corp Founder, Bill Gates who has an estimated wealth of US$96B.

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