Elon Musk Plans To Make Traveling Through Las Vegas Easier With His Boring Company

Elon Musk Plans To Make Traveling Through Las Vegas Easier With His Boring Company

Every time Elon Musk declares a new project, he creates the right waves. This time, the city he aims to make a mark is Las Vegas. The casino-lovers, visiting the Las Vegas Convention Center, will get to use the tunnel for smooth transport. The news came out on Wednesday when the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has rewarded Elon Musk’s Boring Company this project.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company came up in 2016 and with that, he has dug and created amazing tunnels ever since. A notable one is in California. In just under 2 years, this tunnel was ready and there has been no looking back for the visionary entrepreneur.

The proposed project is yet to get a final nod of approval from the Board of Directors on March 12 to select the Boring Company formally for the transit system project.

More about the Proposed Plan for Las Vegas

The total distance the tunnel aims to cover is two miles, and it will be to the Las Vegas Convention Center. This Convention center has been seeing an influx of tourists in recent times. The project should be over by January 2021. This will be in time for the Consumer Electronics Show that year. The total cost of the construction of this tunnel would be between $35million and $65million.

The tourists will get to visit the casinos and the Convention center in Tesla’s own Model X and Model 3 vehicles. This will be the USP of the transit system. It will accommodate as many as 16 tourists at a time. Elon Musk also aims to introduce electric cars and vehicles alongside these for more traffic.

The Convention and Visitor Center’s CEO, Steve Hill has agreed that this will be an attraction to draw more tourists. It will initially have three or four stations at strategic points across Las Vegas. The people will get to travel in electric vehicles through these tunnels soon.

The organization sees a lot of potential in this innovative tunnel transit system that Elon Musk’s Boring Company aims to bring forth. The routes will connect Las Vegas Strip where you come across major casinos and downtown Vegas and of course, the Las Vegas International airport.

It sure seems like interesting times are ahead for the Las Vegas businesses with the proposed project of Elon Musk.

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