Interblock Wins The EKG Awards For Top Performing Electronic Table Game

Interblock Wins The EKG Awards For Top Performing Electronic Table Game

It is all songs of victory for Interblock, the market leader in the manufacturing of luxury gaming and electronic table game, as it receives the top performing electronic table game awards at the Eilers & Krejcik Gaming Slot Awards.

The winners were selected through a data-centric approach, which includes the appraisal of more than one hundred industry operators as well as proprietary game performance. The event, which held at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas on 28th February, was designed to identify and reward excellence in the development of games in the casino gaming industry. Suffice to mention that Interlock was nominated for both its ETG Baccarat and ETG Roulette, and the company won on the ETG Roulette stage.

According to the CEO of Interblock, John Connelly, the award will truly motivate the people of Interblock not to relent in their efforts to help various casino operators facilitate casino floors across the globe. Connelly said the company is really grateful for the recognition and award, and the company definitely looks forward to the EKG awards the coming year.

It is important to mention that Interblock provides Roulette in Dealer Assist, Video, and Automated formats. All these can be used as a stand-along gaming unit, or in ETG pits, Dealer Assist Stadiums or/and Automated Stadiums. The Diamond Stadiums from the stable of Interblocks has the capacity to connect to other external generators situated at casino floor, which offer players more gaming options from only one play station.

MiniStar Roulette, the best selling product offered by Interblock comes with various features associated with the premium Diamond Roulette’s line of product, only in slighter footprint. The MiniStar Roulette offers over eighty results per hour and it has newly included a latest sound package and ball chasing light, designed to enhance the experience of players.

It is important to mention that Interblock is a global leader in developing and supplying premium electronic table gaming devices. The company’s multi player gaming products are the standard for the industry and they offer the ultimate luxury experiences in interactive entertainment. The brand is recognized globally for its diamond quality electronic gaming solutions as well as its technical support in over 200 jurisdictions.

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