TouchTunes Angelina Becomes The Game Changer For Gamestec

TouchTunes Angelina Becomes The Game Changer For Gamestec

Gamestec Playnation Goup, the largest machine operator in the country has named its TouchTunes Angelina as the ‘perfect juke-box for pub sector’. This comes as no surprise given the fact that the product has set a new and huge income records for the company after it was launched in the UK in October of 2018.

While speaking on the TouchTunes, Phil Boulton, the Commercial Director of Gamestec Playnation Group, announced that the exceptional characteristics of the TouchTunes Angelina are the inherent quality of the design, the ease of installation both for the menus to fit the specific requirements of locations, and the general setup of the product.

According to him, one of the things that make the device stands out from competition is the quality of sound that is powerfully enhanced by Bang Olufsen amplifiers. Additionally, the backlighting as well as the general aesthetics of the product makes it the slickest and chicest digital juke-box that has ever been launched. He went further to say that the company believes that these features will attract customers, and ultimately increase the sales.

It is of significance to mention that the capital investment of Gamestec Playnation Group follows the announcement of its affirmation for the support for Prismatic gaming terminal. According to Phil Boulton, there is some sort of comparison between both Angelina and Prismatic. He opines that both devices are premium and they feature latest technology, giving a new level of play experience.

Boulton acknowledges that capital investment means a huge cost for operators but this is part of the deal that comes with being an operator. Although there is constantly the temptation to slow down on the assets for longer period of time but at the same time, the company needs to be abreast of the ever-evolving technological advancement and the constantly evolving consumer demands and expectations, and developing capacity to match the two.

Phil Boulton further emphasized that both Angelina and Prismatic meet the demand and expectations of customers in terms of these experiences. According to him, consumers want clearer and bigger HD screens, better graphics, sleek and stylish look and feel, high quality hardware, and variety of options for payments for the experience. He believes that having met consumers’ expectations, the company should see a huge return on its investment, both for their retail partners and the company itself.

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