Why Aren’t Slot Developers Getting Any Inspiration From Brexit For New Titles?

Why Aren’t Slot Developers Getting Any Inspiration From Brexit For New Titles?

Slot game players notice that not just the casino layout but also the slot games tend to follow the flavor of a season. When it is Christmas time, the entire casino and even slot games have Christmas-y themes. There are mistletoes and Santa’s helpers everywhere. But that is not the case with Brexit.

Slot developers get inspiration from current or ongoing themes. Football is a popular theme and more too when there is a championship or world cup about to begin. So, you will find plenty of slot games with Football themes or features. They feel that it is great to capitalize on the hashtag happening at that time. This is the reason the absence of Brexit is rather too conspicuous.

Brexit has been in talks ever since 2016 when the UK decided to leave the European Union. Though the final negotiations regarding the borders and monetary settlements are still in the pipeline, the theme is an on-going issue. It is still trending and using it would have helped the game developers who are constantly on the lookout for popular game themes.

Brexit themes could have at least created a buzz and gamers with little to no knowledge about it would have happily played it.

The potential it has is just as much and yet, many others claim otherwise. The naysayers feel that the topic is related to a country and so probably the game developers are shying away from venturing near it.

Using symbols related to Brexit could not have been too much of a cause of concern, many feels. Does that mean we have become too sensitive as a society? Many others feel that it might hurt the sentiments. Therefore, slot developers have stayed clear of inviting any criticism and not indulged in the thought regarding this. But if that is the case, aren’t there many other topics that are more unsettling or more sexist and still in games? But unfortunately, with no takers, Brexit does not seem to be becoming a topic for any slot game anytime soon.

The developers could have cashed in on the theme, and used it well in a low-cost IP and designed it well too. But they have not done it means that the slot developers are clearly not interested and are just rather happy making Christmas and Halloween themed games only as of now.

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