Radio Takes The Lead In Cheltenham Festival

Radio Takes The Lead In Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is around the corner and operators are seriously vying for the attention of punters, spectators, and viewers across the world. This is an event that draws hundreds of thousands of enthusiast all over the globe. No doubt, this is the biggest betting events for online bookmakers and getting a share of the windfall is critical. Taking a cue from last year event, over £138 million exchanged hands the course of the four days event. Therefore, there is great rivalry among online operators in the fight for their share of gamers’ money. Of course, the share of the money doesn’t come on a platter of gold; operators need to put their brands in the face of the target audience. To create this awareness, betting operators need to take to the airwave to unleash their full marketing armory in preparation for the event and even during the event.

Screaming campaign over the social media, TV, endorsement deals, and a wide range of mouth watering welcome bonuses and offers have been introduced to attract punters to various websites. Now, creating awareness and attracting players costs a little fortune but it is a necessary price to pay to draw the attention of punters and get them engaged all through the Cheltenham event.

In the midst of the heavy and expensive adverts, operators have taken steps to include the cost effective advert media to reach a wider audience at a fraction of the cost. One of these media channels is the radio. No doubt, racing radio is very popular throughout the year but it is most essential during the Cheltenham event. Online betting operators who incorporate radio into their books, both on mobile and desktop have tapped into the goldmine of customers’ acquisition and retention. Undoubtedly, racing radio is an effective and significant tool for communicating with the target audience during this event.

Racing radio commences activities broadcast on the first day of the event and continues even after the last event on the final day. For people who can’t participate physically in the Festival, radio gives them the opportunity to actively take part of the action, irrespective of their locations. With the radio, people can learn about the performance of the horses and jockeys and they also have the opportunity to pick up advice from pros that join the presenters in the course of the broadcast.

Interestingly, radio broadcasts can be easily incorporated into bookmakers’ desktop and mobile apps and sites. Additionally, the broadcasts can be personalized and customized with call to action to instigate listeners to bet.

It is crucial that radio is seen by Sportsbook operators as one of the ways to provide extra value to customers, especially during this Cheltenham Festival.

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