Camelot Launches “Make Every Month Amazing” Campaign To Promote Annuity Prize Game “Set For Life”

Camelot Launches "Make Every Month Amazing" Campaign To Promote Annuity Prize Game " Set For Life"

In its bid to promote their new game “Set For Life,” Camelot Group a UK national lottery operator has initiated a massive promotion campaign – “Make Every Month Amazing.”

Also, earlier this week the Camelot management introduced their exclusive “annuity prize” game “Set for Life” which will allow the winner to take home £10,000 every month for the next thirty years. Nigel Railton, CEO, Camelot, has expressed the high hopes that the Operator company has from their new initiative. The entire team is looking forward to “Set For Life” to do the trick for their draw-based games.

Talking to the media, on the launch of the ‘Make every month amazing’ campaign, David Connelly, Set For Life Marketing Manager at Camelot, said: “We’re hugely excited to be launching the new ‘Make every month amazing’ campaign for Set For Life. All of the assets, which we’ve created in partnership with adam&eveDDB, are fun and innovative – just like the game itself – and get across the world of opportunities that become possible with £10,000 coming in every month.”

Further, explaining the benefits of their new game and why it is different Connelly added: “Set For Life offers National Lottery players something completely new and meets a different set of consumer needs, especially among younger people. It’s a great addition to our range of games and means that we now have a portfolio that offers something for everyone. We think players will be excited by Set For Life – and that’s great news for sales and, most importantly, returns to Good Causes.”

The players will have to shell £1.50 per line for the new Set For life game. The sale starts
on Friday 15 March and will be available across 45,000 different National Lottery stores as well as on the official website of the Lottery operator.

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