Konami’s Esports Mega-centre In Tokyo Will Be Open For Public By November

Konami’s Esports Megacentre In Tokyo Will Be Open For Public By November

Japan-based Konami Holdings Corporation, an entertainment and gaming conglomerate is developing an esports megacentre in Tokyo. The upcoming e-sports facility will be a big 12 story stadium featuring hardware shops, e-sports products.

For those new to esports, Konami will also offer to coach from professionals in their bid to promote e-sports and online gaming. According to Konami Officials, the e-gaming facility is expected to be open for public by November this year.

E-sports and online gaming have become increasingly popular in Asia, and the market is expanding, especially in Japan. Kimihiko Higashio, President, Konami Holdings Corporation said: “The people who participate in esports will in the future, stand side by side with those participating in real-life sports like soccer, or even surpass them.”

“Compared to esports pioneers America and Europe, Japan has still a long way to go. However, looking from another angle, it means Japan has lots of room for growth,” he added.

The esports market in Japan grew significantly in 2018. According to a national e-sports survey, the Japanese e-sports market stand at USD 42.3m which is over 13 times more than what it was in 2017. The sudden and significant growth of the market is due to relaxed legislation which now exempts e-sports from falling under the jurisdiction of gambling regulations. Also, the maximum prize money of an event, which was earlier capped at ¥100,000 ($880), is now not restricted.

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