Macau Gaming Industry: GGR Up 2.5% For First 10 Days In March

Macau Gaming Industry: GGR Up 2.5% For First 10 Days In March

Macau’sā€™ estimated average GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) for the first ten days of March is up 2.5%, at MOP860 million ($10,66,88,495.40 Usd), which is a positive sign for the Macau Gaming Industry. According to the gaming analysts if the industry can hold on to its current rate of revenue generation, then a year-on-year rise in GGR of minimum 2-3 percent is very much an achievable target.

However, experts have also claimed that it would be too early to make a projection as the initial ten days of the month do not provide a credible trend for the entire month of March. Also, what they indicate at is the fact that the run rate in March is already 5% lower than daily run rate in February while the rise in GGR for first ten days can be attributed to the two quick weekends early in March.

According to a report by the Macau Daily Times, one the three newspapers published from Macau in English, given the GGR statistics as of now the GGR for the entire month will hit MOP26.5 billion ($3,28,74,94,335.00 Usd), which is 2.5percent more than MOP25.95 billion ($3,21,92,63,320.50 Usd) for the same period in 2018, also making March GGR more than that of February and January this year.

Macau gaming industry has registered a 0.5 percent loss in the gross gaming revenue generated over the first two months in 2019. The cumulative GGR of January and February was recorded at MOP 50.31 ($6,24,12,76,980.90 Usd) billion.

While the gaming analysts seem sharing a similar opinion about the GGR for March, expecting it to be around minus 1 percent to plus 5 percent, according to Sanford C. Bernstein, an investment management firm, the GGR will almost remain same as that of previous year with a nominal shift of up to 1 percent either way.

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