World Poker Tour Now Coming To Mexico

World Poker Tour Now Coming To Mexico

The World Poker Tour is tapping into Latin American markets with a deal signed between WPT, Allied Sports (sister concern of WPT) and Grupo Salinas and its subsidiary TV Azteca.

Both WPT (World Poker Tour) and Allied Sports are owned and managed by Ourgame International Holdings. The two have got into a five-year strategic alliance with Grupo Salinas and TV Azteca in their bid to expand in Latin America starting with Mexico.

As a part of the strategic alliance, the WPT has entitled TV Azteca to use and leverage their brand to promote social poker and also gaming products in the region. To begin with, TV Azteca, the top sports network in Mexico managing over 40 local broadcasts and regional free-to-air stations, is all geared up to launch a Spanish language App, featuring tutorials and learning videos for poker and casino, while using the WPT brand.

Grupo Salinas, on the other hand, is all set to offer WPT branded merchandise in their stores across Latin America.
With the new strategic alliance, the WPT and Allied Sports are now eyeing at penetrating 95% of the Mexican market capitalizing on the reach of their new partners. Further, according to the terms of the “strategic alliance” between the two, TV Azteca is also going to develop and broadcast WPT’s two main tour events along with eight WPTDeepStacks and WPT500 events each season.

Adam Pliska, President and CEO, World Poker tour has termed the alliance as historic for World Poker Tours. OurGame International Holdings, the parent company behind the World Poker Tour and allied sports, had already announced, in 2017 to raise $55 million for their expansion in Asia and South America.

Though US and Mexico are at odds because of the US President Donald Trump’s decision to build a wall to seal the borders between the US and Mexico, the strategic partnership between the World Poker Tour and it subsidiary Alliance sports and Grupo Salinas and it’s subsidiary TV Azteca is indeed a welcome news for all poker and online gambling lovers.

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