Artificial Intelligence (AI) Has Potentials To Identify Problem Gamblers: Analysts Predict

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Has Potentials To Identify Problem Gamblers: Analysts Predict

Analysts and AI experts at a conference in Vancouver, on Wednesday explained how the evolving technology has a potential use case in the gambling industry, and it could be huge. According to Katy Yam of Element AI, AI can help spot problem gamblers. Speaking in a conference on Wednesday, about artificial intelligence and its potential to spot problem gambling she said: “If someone who signed up for the loyalty program is exhibiting signs of problem gambling based on patterns identified in algorithms of problem gamblers who voluntarily self-excluded, you can cut out marketing and communications to that person,”

The ongoing conference is organized by B.C Lottery Corporation and is taking place at Vancouver’s Parq Hotel and Casino. While the potentials of AI in identifying problem gamblers was discussed on Wednesday – today they will also be talking about the “casinos’ responsibility for players impaired by cannabis,” as it is already legal in Canada.

Explaining how AI can be used to identify problem gamblers, Yam said that casinos have voluntary loyalty programs to reward their best customers and retain their loyalty by throwing different benefits and perks. “You can also (use the loyalty program data) to do the reverse, players with potential problems could be sent messages suggesting they may want to take a break or visit one of the Game Sense kiosks that offer help to problem gamblers,” she said.

Also, on Wednesday, toxicologist James Wigmore sharing his thoughts on the responsibility of casinos for players opined that the operators do have a responsibility not to allow players to continue to play while intoxicated. That’s become more complicated with the legalization of marijuana because recognizing the effects of THC (cannabis active ingredient) is different from identifying alcohol impairment. Wigmore will also be speaking at the conference today.

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