Online Sports Betting To Be Legal In Rhode Islands

Online Sports Betting To Be Legal In Rhode Islands

In a recent development, the Rhode Island House of Representatives cleared a Senate bill which will open the way for online sports betting in the state. The bill will make online and mobile wagering legal, however, there is yet one more step ahead to bring it fully into action. Gina Raimondo, Governor, Rhode Island, is yet to sign the bill officially.

The legislators and policy experts are confident that the bill will see the light, as it was Raimondo whose 2019 budget is credited with paving the way for the current proposal. The bill was first placed in the house for a discussion on Feb 6, earlier this year.

It took one week for the Rhode Island legislators to pass an amended draft. After that, it was again presented for consideration, and the House passed the amended bill by a thumping majority of 64-8 on Tuesday, earlier this week.

The clear and absolute majority in favor of the bill has not deterred the senators who had been vocal against doing online sports betting legal. Representative Blake Filippi, who has been questioning the bill had also raised a motion to add one more process before the bill was voted in the house.

According to Fillipi, the amended bill should have been sent over to the highest judicial authority, the Supreme Court which he believes reserves the right to establish the constitutional legality of the new law and address whether the bill constitutes unlawful “extension of gambling activities.”

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