SKS365 Presents New And Advanced Planetwin365 At The Italian Enada Primavera

SKS365 Presents New And Advanced Planetwin365 At The Italian Enada Primavera

The thirty-first Enada Primavera, one of the most significant yearly events in the Italian gaming and gambling industry, that brings together the entire fraternity one platform, kicked off in style today. The inaugural day of the thirty-first Enada Primavera witnessed the top level experts and analysts from the industry sharing stage.

Planet win 365, the premier brand of the SKS365, an Austrian international sports betting and gaming company have been showcasing themselves at the event with a new look but sticking to their call: “Our game is of another planet.” Their Kiosk at the Enada Primavera offers host fun areas, live performances, virtual challenges and also a separate retail corner. The brand is also showcasing a compliance corner where it will present all the of SKS365’s projects so far; aiming to create a distinct image amongst the visitors and industry players.

On an inaugural day, representing SKS365, Francesco Gaziano, SKS365 Chief Marketing Officer and Country Manager Italy said “Enada Primavera is a precious opportunity to bring the whole sector together and think about the image and the message that the betting world wants to transmit to stakeholders.”

“A commitment that does not exclude anyone and becomes indispensable, especially today, where the credibility of the sector and player protection is paramount. We’re the first that wish to present ourselves to this important appointment with a renewed corporate image, one that doesn’t just translate into a more modern logo but, above all, with a more sensitive, transparent and attentive mentality, and with an even stronger awareness of the fact that to give back credit to the industry one must start from the Industry itself,” he added.

Planetwin365 is also planning to present a prototype model for their compliance department at Enada Primavera, in a bid to communicate the developments and also to build trust for its brand in the industry. To sum it SKS365 is presenting its brand Planetwin365 in the Enada Primavera with an in-depth focus on the compliance dynamics and security aspects and create a brand image of a user-friendly and user-oriented company.

For visitors, the Planetwin365 is also presenting their new and revamped app with more advanced features, and better UI.Also, visitors and gaming and betting enthusiasts can access the app at the event and share their feedback.

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