Brandt Iden Proposes A New Bill, Michigan To Reconsider Online Gambling Laws

Brandt Iden Proposes A New Bill, Michigan To Reconsider Online Gambling Laws

According to the latest from Michigan, senior representative Brandt Iden has introduced a new bill in the house. Following the new proposal, senator Curtis Hertel has also launched a “companion measure” in the Senate.

The bill has already been admitted in the house, and the house Regulatory Reform Committee (RRC) will listen to the opinions and arguments of Michigan lawmakers. The new bill has caused ripples in the Michigan gambling and gaming industry as it evokes the tenets of the gambling legislation in the US state.

Though the Regulatory Reform Committee (RRC) had detailed discussions on the bill, it remains to pass a voting test on the floor of the House. However, the debate that took place were grilling in the sense that lot of arguments and counter-arguments came from the lawmakers in regards to the implication that the new bill will have on the existing legislation governing the Michigan gambling industry.

While the bill has all merits to become a law, and to support it, Representative Iden explained the benefits of the new bill to the house. He said that the potentials of online gambling could not be sidelined and in the Interest of Michigan we have to be progressive and cannot let Michigan trial behind other states for lack of futuristic and advanced laws and policies for gaming and gambling.

He also emphasized on consumer protection and compliances. He pointed out that it is already an accepted fact that many are taking part in online gambling activities and with proper legislation, Michigan can not only capitalize on increases tax revenues but also provide better protection to citizens who are involved with online gambling.

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