Realtime Gaming’s Latest Slot Release: Cubee

Realtime Gaming’s Latest Slot Release: Cubee

Cubee makes its slot machine world premiere. This exciting game is Realtime Gaming’s latest release.
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Innovation and uniqueness have never resonated as loud as they do now with RTG’s newest game Cubee. The latest title to join the provider’s impressive selection of slots is unlike anything the industry has seen before since there are no reels to be spun – symbols actually float around.

Cubee comes to life in an unusual set up where reels are inexistent. Resembling a video game with a time travel theme, this new slot makes its colorful debut packing generous winning opportunities with a different twist.

Traveling through time with no reels

The main character in Cubee is the Cube himself and embarks on a time traveling adventure in hopes of making it back to Cubeeland where Free Games are played with special multipliers. However, before any of that happens Cubee must first travel in time to the Stone Age, the Era of Piracy and the Viking Age while trying to defeat his nemesis Rocco and his friends. Along the way, Cubee will be handing out massive free spins and multipliers.

Spacetime Special Features

With an uncommon game layout, comes an uncommonly high number of symbols present in Cubee. The symbols float all over the screen with the different eras represented by diverse images that have special functions in the game. The weapons include axes, cannons plus bows & arrows and make Rocco lose his strength. The various enemies help players collect cash winnings while the energy balls work as Wilds and are there to increase Cubee’s force.

In the Era of Piracy, when a cannon appears the Free Spins will increase by one point. Also, while in the Viking Age when a bow appears, the multiplier number also goes up.

Cubee Debuts This March

Cubee travels through time and makes it to players this March. With it comes a new RTG era on its own where reels don’t exist and are replaced with floating symbols that pay out serious rewards. Cubee is bound to catch everyone’s attention and will certainly change the way we look at slot machines games.

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