Facial Recognition Systems To Track Repeat Offenders and Problem Gamblers At Sydney’s Star Casino

Facial Recognition Systems To Track Repeat Offenders and Problem Gamblers At Sydney’s Star Casino

Sydney’s Star Casino is planning to bring in facial recognition technology to track and catch offenders and problem gamblers. The Star Casino is also the second largest in Australia. The decision comes in the wake of an incident in which a croupier tried to get away with $5000 chip hiding it in his sock. According to a report published in Business Insider he was caught by the CCTV cameras installed at the facility.

The Star Casinos are planning the ambitious security update where they will be deploying facial recognition cameras to identify repeat offenders and problem gamblers. The entire project will cost Star Casinos over USD 10 million. Catherine Clark, Chief of Surveillance at the Star Casinos said: “ The Biometric technology will also be incorporated into our customer service where we can recognize customers and welcome them back personally, telling them their favorite drink is waiting at the bar.”

The Australian Star Casinos will not be the only one to have facial recognition technology deployed. New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT), has already been using this technology at all of its Gisborne gaming venues, to track offenders and problem gamblers.

Mike Knell, chief executive of NZCT, says: “NZCT understands and accepts a duty of care towards gambling patrons and our legal obligation to help problem gamblers exclude themselves from our venues. Facial recognition technology is an important innovation for helping self-identified problem gamblers stay out of temptation’s way by stopping them getting into gaming rooms from which they have chosen to exclude themselves.”

He further explains that “Although there is a relatively small number of excluded problem gamblers and the costs of the technology are high, with a government agency and stakeholder support we’re hopeful that having the technology widespread will bring forward more people who could be at risk to seek help from problem gambling service providers.”

Facial recognition technology is fast becoming increasingly popular amongst the casino operators and owners worldwide. According to the reports published in the Japanese media, earlier this year, the Japanese Government is already planning to tell gambling venue operators to deploy facial recognition systems to identify problem gamblers and make sure they aren’t allowed entry in their facilities.

Last week at a conference in Vancouver, AI experts and analysts also presented how AI can be helpful in detecting problem gamblers and can help both the Casino operators and gamblers.

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