Brazil’s Hoteliers Demand: Develop New Casinos In Existing Premium Hotels Only

Brazil’s Hoteliers Demand: Develop New Casinos In Existing Premium Hotels Only

Several Groups comprising hotel owners in Brazil , have proposed in a meeting called by the Joint Parliamentary Front in Defence of Tourism that the new bill allowing construction of Casinos should limit the installation of new Casinos only to the existing premium hotels in the country.

The bill still under consideration before it becomes a law, provides that states which have a population of up to 15 million can build one casino in their territorial jurisdiction, the regions with population between 15 and 25 million can have two casinos, and the ones with a population of plus 25 million can build up to three casinos.

Representatives of the Brazilian Association of Hotels, the Brazilian Association of Resorts (ABR), the Brazilian Federation of Lodging and Food and the Forum of Hotel Operators of Brazil voiced their joint opinion at the meeting.

President of the ABR, Alberto Cestrone, said: “While we understand casinos are important for the generation of employment and taxes, we ask the parliament to consider existing resorts as an ideal space for the installation of casinos. Resorts are a natural product to absorb such a venture. It does not need big investments and still has good gastronomy and structure already ready to make it work.”

Earlier this year in January, a bill was introduced by Paulo Azi, a member of the Brazilian Democrats. The bill allowed for the opening of a limited number of casinos based on the population of the states in Brazil. The Casinos would hold the license for a period of 30 years.

In his proposal statement, Paulo Azi had advocated for the bill as he said that “The feeling that Brazil cannot do without this economic activity consolidated across the majority of the world is beginning to grow among Brazilian lawmakers. Casinos would attract huge investments, generating thousands of jobs and high tax revenue.”

The bill is still in the process of enactment and is subject to further debate. However, there is a strong opinion that new Casino establishments can be used as money laundering dens which would further worsen Brazil’s financial progress. Amidst concerns, and according to experts, it is just a matter of time that the new bill becomes a law.

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