Discussions Underway As South Huron May Have A New Casino Soon

Discussions Underway As South Huron May Have A New Casino Soon

South Huron in the Canadian Province of Ontario may soon have a new casino. According to the Gateway Casino & Entertainment Group, they are already in talks with the South Huron Officials and are positive about the idea of developing a new casino. The facility will be established on a site allocated near Grand Bend.

While the discussions have been set in motion, it is unlikely that Gateway Casinos may have any issues with the South Huron authorities. George Finch, Mayor, South Huron has already expressed the need for an adult entertainment facility in the region.

He is also in favor of developing a Casino to fit in the space for an adult entertainment venue. The Mayor’s response has already inspired the Gateway Casino & Entertainment Group to speed up the process to develop the Casino.

The new Casino will not only provide for an adult entertainment site in South Huron, but it may also bring in new investments in the region. However, some experts and analysts are concerned that the new gaming facility being just 36 Kms away from another Gateway Casino may not be as ludicrous as it may pull the revenue from the other.

It is also one of the reasons why many have raised concerns that it is more important to choose the site wisely, which is to avoid any potential revenue losses that may eventually take a toll on the employees at the facility.

Also, the compliance issues and the protection of the players is being discussed. For the casino to get approval for development, the Gateway Casinos has to address the issue of problem gambling to the satisfaction of the Huron City Officials.

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