Upstate New York Casinos May Start Accepting Sports Bets Starting May 1

Upstate New York Casinos To Accept Sports Betting Starting May 1

The upstate New York Casinos may start taking sports wagers starting May 1. The new regulation that came into effect earlier this year authorized casinos to accept bets on sports events. However, the Casinos have not yet started receiving sports wagering despite the authorization.

However, with many operators already willing to start sports wagering in their facilities due to shrinking revenues, the gambling commission has made a move towards letting upstate New York casinos take sports wagers.

On Wednesday, earlier this week, the state Gaming Commission in an officially releases the rules for sports betting. They have reserved a sixty-day period for allowing the public and players to see how the new sports wagering is working out for them. Once this sort of a trial initiative lasting 60 days is successfully carried out without any further issues or significant discontent, the four n0n-Indian-owned casinos will be allowed to take in sports wagers. However, an official date as to when such permission will be granted is yet to be announced by the commission.

It all started in January, this year, when gaming regulatory bodies allowed sports wagering at private casinos in the Finger Lakes region, Schenectady, Catskills, and the Southern Tier. The casinos have been waiting to start offering sports betting and particularly Catskills that lost around 140 million in 2018 lone.

The only requisite to be met by the Casinos is that they should have a dedicated lounge for sports wagering, along with automated ticket systems only in these dedicated lounges.

In the meantime, many Indian Casinos in the region are looking to offer sports wagers.

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