New Hampshire To Legalize Casino Gambling

New Hampshire To Legalize Casino Gambling

On Thursday, earlier this week the New Hampshire Senate gave green signal to a bill that makes casino gambling legal in the state. Casino gambling was legalized with a 13 to 11 vote in favor of allowing casino gambling in the state.

While the process for legalizing gambling in New Hampshire is one step closer, it is yet to be presented in the House, and after that, if the bill is passed in the house, it will have to get officially signed into law by Governor Chris Sununu.

It will allow the state to issue two casino gambling licenses worth $40 million and $20 million.

Those who were in favor of the bill believe that this new development which will allow casinos to come up in the state will bring in tax revenue and also contribute to the progress of the economy.

Citing job creation as one of the reasons to be in favor of the bill Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, D-Manchester, said, “It’s jobs. It’s the ability to watch economic growth. There’ll be a building, obviously, that will take place, that will help our laborers, and I think it’s a real plus all the way around. It’s a little late in coming, but hey, it’s never too late.”

According to estimates and projections, legalizing casino gambling and issuing licenses will bring in $100 million in revenues annually.

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