Today, Kosovo Voted Suspension Of Gambling and Casinos By 74-0 Vote

Today, Kosovo Voted Suspension Of Gambling and Casinos By 74-0 Vote

In a move to revoke licenses of all casino operators, Kosovo’s parliament has suspended all betting venues. Kosovo’s parliament voted to shut down all casinos and betting venues and cited the reason that “no one is getting rich” by such enterprises.

While it was expected that voting in favor of casinos might come but what wasn’t expected was the landslide majority that the motion managed to get. The Friday session of the parliament voted 74-0 in favor of banning all betting and gambling activities in the country.

The gambling activities and primarily casinos will remain suspended with immediate effect from today until 30 days – by the time the government drafts a law and gets it duly approved according to the constitutional provisions.

A lawmaker with the Democratic League of Kosovo party, Avdullah Hoti was quoted saying after the voting that “betting games have grabbed the citizens and no one has become rich with the betting shop businesses.”

However, going by the records country’s customs department grossed 16 million euros ($18 million) from the import of pieces of equipment for casinos and betting outlets. The high number of purchase of betting equipment is also attributed to the fact that a vast majority of casinos shifted to Kosovo after gambling was banned in the neighboring country Albania.

While this move may bring some financial losses, but the lawmakers unanimously voted that it is not benefiting in any way.

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