Reynosa Closes Six Casinos For Not Having Relevant Permissions

Reynosa Closes Six Casinos For Not Having Relevant Permissions

Reynosa, the border city in the Tamaulipas state, will have six gambling facilities closed as per the orders from the Secretariat of Public Works. The casino venues did not have the required permission to carry on their operations.

Head of the Department of Public Works in Reynosa, Eduardo López Arias, said, “We’ve been in touch with the owners to inform them that before opening they need to fulfill several requirements for which they have to apply by law.”

While the orders have been passed, it is not confirmed if the casinos have obtained gambling licenses from the state government after the gambling was again legalized in the state.

Moreover, to operate such casino facilities, the operators require land use permissions from the municipal authority, the state government and also from the secretary of the Interior.

It was in November 2018 that the government allowed gambling venues and casinos to operate in the state. Earlier in 017, all casinos and strip clubs were closed down in the state. Local deputy, Humberto Rangel Vallejo initiated the re-legalization of casinos in the state. It was also then passed by a 30-4 vote in favor of legalizing the casinos in the state.

As per the new legislation the Economic Development secretary, Carlos García González had said that approximately 30 casinos might start operations in 2019. However, the casinos were mostly to be confined in cities close to the border including Reynosa, Matamoros, and Nuevo Laredo.

Talking about the current order to shut down the six casinos in Reynosa, Gonzalez said, “From what I’ve seen in other states the number could be between 20 and 30 establishments. It’s going to bring a positive economic benefit. I think this is going to help the border region, which could benefit from additional tourism. There are many people from Texas that would be willing to cross [into Mexico] to come and have a good time.”

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